Lee Woods


If I had to condense all that I feel and all that I have learned about works of art into one sentence, it would be this:

Beauty needs no excuse to exist

Of course, me being me, I’d also like to shoe-horn something about humour into that sentence as well, but alas, I’m not Oscar Wilde so to date, the perfectly succinct quote, fusing these ideas, continues to elude me.

Concepts and ideologies are enthusiastically born, systematically mangled, eventually discarded and ultimately forgotten. But if a painting possesses a recognisable universal constant – an instinctive emotion, a human experience, a timeless humour or some form of beauty – each new generation always seems to find a way to adapt that painting to their own new ideas and thus, keep it alive.

So, at this point in time, my philosophy on art places less value on the disposable, transient nature of ‘concept’ and the highest value on the work of those who strive toward the achievement of something enduring about the pure physical appearance of their work.

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